Travel and Its Benefits (30+ Travel Ideas)

Why do we have to travel? Why is it becoming more and more important that we change our environment from time to time and travel outside our country? Why is it sometimes a necessity for our emotional health to travel?

The importance of travel is underestimated by many people. Travel is not only fun, it is entertaining and fun. As Augustine of Hippo said: “the world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.” € during the trip you can do things that you don’t normally do. If you are traveling, go outdoors and stay away from computers and televisions. They probably mix with different people and cultures. People travel for different reasons. Other trips as a Hobby. Travel can be an escape from the hectic life in big cities. Some travel only to change and move, as Robert Louis Stevenson said: “I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for the sake of travel.”Some people like to learn from different cultures, as Mark Twain said:” Travelling is fatal to prejudice, bigotry and narrow-mindedness.”Travel gives people the opportunity to discover, explore and feel the sense of adventure.

Many people around the world are discovering the benefits of travel as the tourism industry grows worldwide and has become one of the most profitable sectors of the global economy. No wonder that travel is growing from year to year. According to the World Travel & Tourism Council WTTC, the world tourism industry grew by 3% in 2012 and contributed 6.6 trillion US dollars to global GDP through direct and indirect impacts. In 2012, international tourist arrivals reached 1.035 billion for the first time in history.

Here are the main advantages of traveling:

1-stress relief: if you are miles away from your surroundings, you can relieve yourself of your responsibility and start to relax and rest. They rest not only their bodies, but also their minds. Knowing that you can wake up at any time without an alarm clock, without having to be physically available at work, will relieve a lot of mental Stress. Here you can feel the freedom. Stress relief is a major reason for travel. The Moment you think you are going to Hawaii or Bali, you immediately feel excitement and stress-free feelings. It is this mental peace that makes travelling a very good stress reliever. Sometimes traveling can be stressful when your trip offers a lot of Sightseeing or meets a lot of people. But travel stress is different from domestic Stress, because it is positive Stress. Travel stress is not associated with anxiety or worry.

Traveling is a great way to connect with nature, which is very helpful for your mental or physical relaxation. Nature is an incentive to activate your right brain. The dominance of the right hemisphere is one of the main causes of stress reduction. Even during the trip, there is no sense of urgency that is usually associated with the behavior at home. The change of scene is helpful in itself to reduce Stress.

2-physical benefits: you move more while traveling. You’ll walk more often, whether you’re taking the subway, exploring the streets of a historic city, or even visiting a Museum. When you swim or lie on the beach, you get a high dose of Vitamin D from the sun, which is very useful for your bones and also for your positive emotions. Outdoor activities associated with travel can reduce the risk of diabetes, lead to weight loss and lower cholesterol levels. Some medical experts recommend traveling every six months for reasons of cardiovascular health and heart. Some studies show that traveling even improves sleep.

3-Cultural benefits: Sometimes, we need to remain anonymous. Sometimes we want to be free of any responsibility. Travel allows you to play sports as well as meet new people and get to know new cultures. You get to know new ideas that you have never thought of before.

4-relationship benefits: when you travel with a companion and share the same experiences and situations together, your mutual bond is strengthened. 93% of young people aged 8 to 18 consider travel to be “a good time” to spend with their parents. 3 out of 4 parents say that family holidays are very helpful for the family. Getting to know new people in new places can lead to a long-term relationship for many.

5-happiness: many people associate happiness with travel. More than 50% of adults buy Souvenirs to remember their holiday. Most travelers save photos of their destinations to remember those trips that involve tasting new food, beautiful sights, historical monuments and new music. This is one reason why traveling can be addictive, especially if you have enough time and money. It has become a Hobby for thousands of people around the world.

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