Top 16+ Most Expensive Hotels in the world 2020

A Hotel can be a facility that offers short-term paid accommodation, but the comfort varies, and that’s what’s different from each other. Some Hotels are like heaven on earth with facilities that are out of this world and located in great locations. If you have an unlimited Budget and are looking for a world-class accommodation experience around the world, here are the ten best hotels in 2020.

Top 16+ Most Expensive Hotels in 2020

Here is the expensive hotel list of 2020! Let’s start at the bottom of the list in Dubai, where there is a wide selection of expensive Hotels: the most expensive Hotels in Dubai!

Are the most expensive Hotels also the best Hotels in the world?

A common understanding is that something that is most expensive is also the best. In terms of Service and Standards this may be true, many of the Hotels on this list would also fit the best Hotels in the world.

But the best could mean so much more than expensive. To define the best Hotel in the world, we would need to examine much more subjective factors in terms of what people like. Some people may like privacy, for them the submarine or the private island hotel is perhaps the best. And for you who like Luxury, activities and a rich nightlife, a great Hotel in the center of a big city is the best.

To categorize the best Hotels in the world, we would also need to consider star rating, customer satisfaction and ratings. Sometimes a small and cozy Hotel can also get really good reviews and therefore climb on this list, even if it would not be expensive.

Which are the most luxurious Hotels in the world?

Here we only look at the prices per night in a Hotel, not the actual star ratings or services / luxuries they offer. When this is said, You can be sure that these things often correlate; many of the expensive accommodations will also be among the most luxurious Hotels in the world.

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