Over 25+ Hostels Around The World That Are Better Than Luxury Hotel

Hostels have a good reputation (this 2005 Thriller certainly didn’t help), especially in the design world. And don’t get me wrong, I have experienced my whole share of horror stories in the Hostel. One of them is to share a bunk bed with a strange man (although he has booked the stay with a friend), who from dusk until dawn chewed so grotesquely – no, chewed – so grotesquely as I imagine a Stegosaurus on something as hard as a boulder – on cereal while with a blinding night light on. But not all hostel stays must be so terrible. In fact, there are a handful of Hostels around the world that offer luxury hotels a Run for their money, but at a much better price and with far more unique accommodation. We introduce ten design-oriented Hostels around the world that are cool enough to plan a trip. Whether you want to travel soon or just make a few design notes of cool places, the ten Hostels ahead of you will take good care of you – and probably won’t allow heavily lit muesli Marathons overnight.

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