Over 21 Fashion Brands Run By Women Shop On International Women’s day

On International Women’s day, this should be especially true: to this end, Glamour has brought together 42 of our favorite small, women-based or women-driven fashion brands that make waves, make changes, and stand up for their peers at every launch. This is by no means an extensive list – there are so many designers who do the work at different levels of the industry-but consider this a brief introduction to some of the very cool companies that earn their capital. Write them down, bookmark this page, or simply browse their Websites. You’ll probably find something you love (and like to support) in one of the nearest stores.


Matteau’s Mix-and-Match swimwear has something for everyone: sisters Ilona Hamer and Peta Heinsen riffle a small selection of swim tops, bottoms and dividers with different degrees of coverage for every body type.


Elise Durbecq and Gillian Tozer quit their jobs at the opening ceremony to start their own fashion company: Truss, a line of graphic hand-woven tote bags and pouches from Oaxaca, Mexico.


Cuyana founders Shilpa Shah weave a narrative of responsible shopping into every product they bring to market – through detailed descriptions of how each item is made, through partnerships with organizations such as HEART (part of the Violence Intervention Program), and through a transparent supply chain that keeps shoppers up to date with every purchase.

Land of Women

Lingerie for women, by women – who knew that this would feel like such a novel concept? When Mckenzie Raley and Sarah Belz founded Land of Women in 2013, it was one of the few brands to make underwear for the wearer. Now you can buy lingerie, swimwear and bodysuits there.

Lingua Franca

You’ve seen Lingua franca’s signature embroidered sweaters such as Connie Britton, Sally Kohn, Tessa Thompson and Emma Watson – and there’s a reason why the brand has developed such a cult status among impressive women: it works with a variety of organizations to support and return their concerns while promoting ethical manufacturing practices.


The comfort of a home in the space of a shoe – that’s exactly what Llani founder Alana Oates wants women to find in her range of flats, slides and slippers that are “mindfully made in India”. Some iterations of her Babouche core styles-a pointed folded leather toe slide – have a unique Making – of history for a personal touch. For example: each pair of Clara heirloom Babouche is made of Thai Vintage silk, which was a gift from the designer’s great aunt.

Universal Standard

The concept for Universal Standard came to founders Alexandra Waldman and Polina Veksler from a Problem that curvy women know all too well: they found it almost impossible to find upscale Essentials in oversize even when they lived in New York. In the three years since its first sold-out collection, Universal Standard has filled this market with a growing collection of curve-friendly workwear such as cardigans, trousers and Multi-Piece “Work sets”.

Liana Clothing

According to Instagram, Liana Clothing wants to be “your new contact” – and that shouldn’t be a challenge after you’ve looked through the endlessly portable collection of funky Basics. Designer Lili Chemla (yup, that’s Alison Chemla’s sibling) gets that modern women want comfortable yet cool clothes, and updates Standard T-Shirts and track pants with Details like rainbow piping and soft velour accordingly.

Laura Lombardi

It’s very likely that the thick gold tires you discovered on Instagram are due to New York designer Laura Lombardi. Known for her sculptural jewelry, the designer combines elements of her experience between New York and Italy with sustainable manufacturing to create unforgettable pieces.

La Ligne

La Ligne recreates the indispensable prints and stripes of all, and the company has put together a whole series of supporters (called La Bande). The company has recently expanded its size offering by collaborating with 11 Honoré.

Par en Par

Par en Par is designed for the person who is forever in holiday mode-whether you are actually travelling or simply dreaming of all the places you would visit if you had enough free time. The airy parts optimize versatility and are all made of hand-woven cotton woven in India.


If you double tap the # OOTDs of Nicolette Mason and Gabi Gregg pretty consistently (and really, who doesn’t?), You’ll love Premme, the Plus-Size fashion brand you founded in 2017.

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